Long Softie

Long Softie

Long Softie | $2,635.00

The Long Softie is designed to conform to and maximize the comfort of the contoured seating found in todays high performance gliders and aerobatic aircraft. The Long Softie is available in either 180 lb, 13" wide or 240 lb, 15" wide versions.

The Long Softie is for use by persons weighing up to 180 lb or 240 lb, depending on the canopy size.

It is available with your choice of Conventional Harness or Aerobatic Harness.

Canopy Type: Steerable Conical or Ram Air*

Total weight: 16 lb

180 Long Softie | 13" wide container (180 lb limit) is 2.25" thick x 13" wide x 35" long.

240 Long Softie | 15" wide container (240 lb limit) is 2.25" thick x 15" wide x 35" long.

*Ram Air Canopies work best in the Wedge Softie parachute system.