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LD Jeffries

Emergency Bailout

November 7, 2007

Hi Folks,

Just a short narrative of how this happened. I was doing tumbling aerobatics and got spit out of a lomcovak inverted and in a slow left spin at about 2800 feet. I left the power up and initiated recovery but got impatient when it didn't immediately respond. A quick flick of forward stick immediately created a cross-over spin that instantly went to 400 degrees per second and flat inverted. I made two attempts to recover at idle power without success. I initiated bailout at 800 feet while still spinning at a high rate while flat and inverted. I got clear of the aircraft and pulled and was instantly under canopy at about 300 or 400 feet and heard the aircraft hit. I had time enough to kick out one complete twist, unstow the toggles, turn into the wind and descend between 100 foot pine trees for a dynamic Parachute Landing Fall landing about 30 feet from the impact site. "Plum Crazy" was a beautiful airplane and I miss her a lot. Thank you SOFTIE, you saved my life!

L. D. Jeffries

LD Jeffries Bailout Image

Holding the SOFTIE Emergency Parachute that saved his life, LD Jeffries describes what happened while flying his Ultimate bi-plane that lies crumpled in the background.